Accessible Publishers Ltd


Senior Management


Abdul Hakeem Bilal Agoro (B.Sc., AMNIM) Abdulhakeem Bilal Agoro holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biosciences (Zoology) from University of Ilorin, where he also acquired universal knowledge. He has vast leadership experience in the areas of Education, Sciences, Marketing and Management, through various capacity development and trainings. He is a registered member with the Teacher’s Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) and an Associate of The Nigerian Institute of Management (Chartered). Abdulhakeem Bilal is currently The Marketing manager of Accessible Publishers for the Northern Region of Nigeria When he isn’t researching or glued to a computer, he his listening to music, gaming, traveling, cooking or photography. As part of his service to the community, he is working with youths/teenagers encouraging them to kickstart their idea and providing start-ups with effective brand support and strategies for growth.
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