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It goes without saying that the present condition of things in the world is unprecedented and that there is no instruction manual for how to react at a time like this or a readymade strategy to alleviate the plight that we face presently.

One of our central duties as a publisher and as a resource center for education is to always be there for our community through enlightenment and through the dissemination of knowledge. And it is at this moment in time that our work as a publisher is most critical. It is in this regard, seeing our responsibility as the center of knowledge that we came up with the idea of a webinar series to contemplate the times and deliberate on creative solutions to ease our lives and come up with better, fruitful ways of doing things during this rather challenging and interesting times.

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Webinar 3.0

Managing Virtual Learning for School Operations Optimization: The New Normal

Join us in the third edition of our webinar series as we hold an engaging panel discussion on the creative ways by which we can manage virtual learning for school operations.

The impressive panel members are Okojie Davis George, an Applications Developer ; Medinah Omolafe Abegunde, a seasoned Human Resource Manager and parent; Laseinde Oluwayomi James, an Educationist and Microsoft technology specialist; Bukola Amao Taiwo, a life-long learning Educator, Administrator and social entrepreneur

Major Highlights;

  • Learning Applications/Solutions for school adoption and use
  • Getting Parents’ buy in/interest
  • School owner adoptive strategies
  • Staff approach for new normal lesson delivery

Webinar 2.0

Webinar 1.0

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