Accessible Publishers Ltd

Digital Offr.

Senior Management

DIGITAL MANAGER (Publishing/Media/IT)

Adebayo Adedapo (BTech., M.Inf.Sc, ARPA)

Adebayo Adedapo holds a bachelor degree in Industrial design (Graphics) from the Federal University of Technology, Akure, and a Master’s degree in Information science. He is a certified Associate member of the Advertising practitioners council of Nigeria.

He is a dedicated professional with a career in the field of design, IT, Publishing, branding and business development.  Adept at managing intricate creative, publishing and innovative IT projects/solutions tailored to solve business problems. He inspires research, development and creation of digital books, infusing technology and publishing to create digital products for reading, learning and the publishing sector at large. He is the team lead for the Digital Publishing team as well as for the the Digital Media Team.

When he isn’t researching or glued to a computer, he his listening to music, gaming, traveling, cooking or photography. As part of his service to the community, he is working with youths/teenagers encouraging them to kickstart their idea and providing start-ups with effective brand support and strategies for growth.

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