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8 Important Habits You Need To Teach Your Child
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8 Important Habits You Need To Teach Your Child

One beautiful fact about young children is their ability to pick up information very fast. Teachers and parents serve as life coaches to the growing ones and should strive to always put them on the right track by teaching them the right thing to do in every situation.

Many guidance underplays the importance of good habits while focusing more on the academic aspect of upbringing.

Habit is any acquired behaviour pattern that one does in a regular or repeated way, especially the ones that are hard to stop.

If a habit is something that might be hard to stop, then it is very necessary to equip the young ones with positive practices until it becomes hard for them to stop doing them.

Some of the positive habits are as follows:

  1. Magic Words: Teach children how to use the magic words when needed. They should learn how to say sorry, thank you, please, excuse me, may I and others.
  2. Household chores: Children are never too young to do household chores. Let them do some chores, it will help them to learn better and drive away laziness.
  3. Truthfulness: Lying is a very bad behaviour that must be outrightly discouraged in children.
  4. Reading: The habit of reading every day should be inculcated in children. They should be taught on limiting screen time.
  5. Respect: One of the signs to know a trained child is the display of respect for everybody around them.
  6. Adequate Management: They should be taught how valuable time and money are and how to manage them.
  7. Good Toilet manners: Children should learn the importance of washing their hands and flushing the toilet after use.
  8. Table manners: Children should be taught how to observe table etiquette. They should learn how to use eating utensils, how not to talk while eating and lots of other etiquettes.
  9. Healthy personal hygiene: Maintaining healthy personal hygiene should be emphasized. They should learn how to brush their teeth and take their bath twice a day.
  10. Eat well: Teach children how important food is to the body and how much the body needs breakfast every morning. They should be made to eat healthy food for adequate growth.

Moreover, teach them how to do things themselves, they will adapt and get used to doing them when nobody is around.

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