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Bilingual Education: A Need

By Samuel Adebara on July 12th, 2021

Bilingual education is an incorporation of a second language into the teaching and learning process. This means that, instead of teaching the second language once or twice a week, it is used as operationally as the English language is.

However, what we see within the system is a sanction on the use of other languages. How do we expect to teach a language effectively if we do not use it actively? The benefits of bilingual education to pupils cannot be overemphasized as they span academics and beyond, here are a few to note

  • Increased cognition- as a result of speaking and writing the language pupils are able to reason better and be more creative.
  • They do better in their academics and achieve a lot more than monolingual pupils.
  • Bilingual pupils have better memory as they are able to remember names, locations, lessons better.
  • Pupils who are bilingual also have more higher education options as universities are biased towards them because of the cognitive and social advantage they have.
  • They are also able to pick up other languages easily as they a keen idea about how languages work and have a strong background in learning language.
  • Bilingual pupils also have more socioeconomic advantages in today’s world where a multilingual workforce is sort after as office inclusivity grows.
  • Such pupils learn to appreciate other cultures which fosters unity and reduces stereotyping.
  • Some research suggest that bi/multilingual people have better chances against brain diseases like dementia.

These are only a few of the many benefits of a thoroughly done bilingual education which can be achieved with some dedication and will. The right aids will also come in handy, some of which include Rasmed Publications language textbooks and literature books. Find them in our catalog.

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Textbooks are important and beneficial for teachers and students. They should be made available and accessible to students and teachers. This would make the teaching process much easier and students can learn better and more extensively.

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