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Practical Ways of Raising Confident Children
Confident child

Practical Ways of Raising Confident Children

Self-confidence can be one of the greatest gifts you can give your child. Confident children are better equipped to deal with peer pressures, responsibilities, frustrations, challenges, and both positive and negative emotions. Many children tend to shy away from challenges.

However, children need to feel their best. They need to know that failing is ok and that making a mistake is normal. Taking up new challenges prepares one for a better and new result.

By the virtue of being confident, children are handed the key to achieving the unimaginable which paves way for them to have a successful adulthood.

Self-confidence is a feeling of trust in oneself and one’s skills and abilities. It also means having a sense of control over one’s life.

Parents need to help children build their confidence level having in mind that how one feels about oneself affects how one approaches things in life.

The following are practical ways to raise confident children:

  • Model confidence yourself: Be confident and optimistic while dealing with new or challenging tasks, especially before your children.
  • Welcome mistakes: Make children learn that mistake is an important and indispensable part of life. Confident people don’t get discouraged after a mistake, rather, they learn from mistakes.
  • Encourage them to try new things: When children try out something new and pull through, it gives them the courage they can do anything they set their mind to do.
  • Encourage resilience and perseverance: Children should be taught that they might not succeed in everything they try out and it shouldn’t frustrate or make them feel depressed. They should keep on trying their best.
  • Give them responsibilities: Make children an integral part of the family by designating tasks and household chores for them. It makes them feel important and valued.
  • Celebrate every effort: Recognizing every little effort they put in can be a great source of encouragement to them. Let them know that you value what they are doing.
  • Show them love: Love has a magical effect on children. Take every step with love even when they succeed or fail. It gives them the confidence that they are not alone.
  • Let them figure out solutions to problems by themselves: Allow children to tackle crucial problems by themselves. Avoid creating shortcuts or making exceptions for your child.
  • Encourage them to express their opinion: Avail yourself to listen to your children’s opinions and feelings. Give suggestions and correct wrong impressions they might have.
  • Check their circle of friends: Make sure to surround your children with confident friends that have a positive mindset.


As a parent, you should not be overtly pressured on not being able to meet up to your expectations about raising your children’s self-esteem. You should make every process fun and gradual, then, you will notice a natural positive development.

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