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Discussing Civil Unrest with Pupils

By Samuel Adebara on October 27th, 2020

It is important that educators help pupils get a sense of the reality of things so that they can form an educated opinion of the current social chaos. How teachers hold this conversation with their pupils go a long way to shape their ideas of social inequalities and justice.

And there is no better time to have this discussion than this moment when we are still grappling with the questions of government actions and inactions, the question of civil protests and civil unrest.

These conversations are rarely easy but here are some tips to teachers and parents who wants to engage this issues with their pupils and children in a meaningful way:

  • Find out what they know already about social injustice.
  • Engage them on the meaning of violence.
  • Talk to them about everyday corrupt practices.
  • Be direct and honest about systemic corruption at the government level.
  • Provide brief, basic facts about what happened at an age appropriate level.
  • Acknowledge the situation of things in a calm way and provide reassurance to them about their safety.
  • Check your own emotions.
  • Be okay with not knowing all the answers. What’s important is to bring up the right questions. Encourage them to reflect.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity of the current situation. Use images and media materials to emphasize your points.

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