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Importance of Study Group

Importance of Study Group

Two good heads are better than one they say. A study group is usually a set of people, most often students, who meet to study or discuss their reports, findings or recommendations. Study group is a formidable reading pattern that can enhance learning in an easy and interesting way if properly explored.

Students have different levels of assimilation. Some are quick to understand while others can be a little slow. In fact, some do understand better when they are assisted by fellow students. This may be because they simply don’t relate well with their tutors.

Active participation in study group can enhance the performance and make learning easier for students who assimilate slowly in a regular class. In a study group, students tend to own the topics discussed and have the freedom to interact with the language they can flow with. The following are importance of study group.

  1. It eliminates procrastination.
  2. It is a support system for the dull and the lazy ones to catch up.
  3. Helps students to learn faster.
  4. It helps students update their notes when they are lagging behind.
  5. Sharpens your study skills and help you to adapt the best study skills.
  6. Group study can help in building communication skills.
  7. It helps for easy comprehension and topic break down.
  8. It makes learning fun.
  9. Motivates students to study.
  10. It enhances student self-esteem.

In as much as reading together creates better results, there are some factors to consider before forming an effective study group and they involve:

  • Determine the number of students to be in a group to avoid crowd and distractions.
  • Students with good common goals which is centered on success and earning good grades.
  • Picking a convenient place void of disturbances or distractions.
  • Fixing a studying time and timeframe.
  • Equal participation and contribution of all students in the group.

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  1. Thank you very much. Two good heads are better than one indeed.

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