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Simple Ways to Celebrate Student’s Achievement

By Wale Akinwale on August 10th, 2020

Aside from their role as instructors, teachers are also motivators, peacemakers, listeners, managers, planners, learners, and so on. The teacher’s role as a motivator is one of the most important of their roles. And one of the ways teachers can motivate students is by celebrating their achievement.

Some of the ways that teachers can motivate and celebrate students’ achievement are:

  • Through verbal encouragement. Praise students who have worked hard to complete a project or improve in a subject area.
  • Writing a personal note to them. A note filled with praise and encouragement always warms students’ heart.
  • Send a note of acknowledgement to their parents or guardian. This will give students a sense of pride.
  • Have their classmates and peers recognize their achievement.
  • Make them teacher’s assistant for a day.
  • Hold an award ceremony.

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