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Effective Ways to Welcome Students Back to School
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Effective Ways to Welcome Students Back to School

The first day of resumption after a long period of break from school-related activities can pose a very challenging and at the same time exciting experience for both the teachers and the students.

Students coming back to an environment that they have left for a long period of time, could nurse the anxiety of taking up new subjects, meeting new classmates and new teachers can be an overwhelming feeling.

However, teachers need to play an important role in getting them acclimatized. Teachers have the sole responsibility of making the learning environment safe, warm and welcoming.

Starting a day like this in a positive and creative way can result in healthy learning and performance throughout the academic year.

The following tips can be adopted to make students feel welcomed and relaxed:

Introduction of names for all students: Let your class introduce themselves and their names to get new students familiarised with others. Also, try to know each student by their name and use it while addressing them as it brews confidence and familiarity. This, in turn, helps them to pay more attention during classes.

Establish class rules: Emphasize what students can do, not what they can’t. Explain what ideal classroom conduct is and the things that are permitted.

Welcome sign and gifts: You can do colourful decorations to make students feel warm and welcomed on the first day. You can also decide to give your students something like cards, pencils, and pens to commemorate the first day in school after a long period of time.

Assign seats before school class start: Teachers should try and assign seats to their students on the first day to avoid avoiding conflicts erupting among students.

Prepare a good introduction: The tense atmosphere that comes on the first day at school can be subdued when you generate creative fun ideas you can share with them or tell them interesting stories.

Briefly introduce the syllabus: Make the class aware of the overview of the syllable and what is expected of them for a successful academic year.

Allow students to share their holiday experience: Make the class lively and encourage participation from all the class. Sharing the important occurrences that happened during the break livens the class and eases tension.

Promise to give in your best: Instead of emphasizing only on the need for your students to give in their best for a successful academic year, teachers should make the students know of their determination to give their best to help students excel.

First impression they say, matters. Putting these points into action on the first day of school resumption can make for a progressive and hassle-free academic year.

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