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Top 5 Benefits of Ebooks

Top 5 Benefits of Ebooks

eBooks are books in electronic formats that can be downloaded and read on mobile devices or computers. With the changing times and the rise of technology, a lot of businesses have had to digitalize to serve their clients better. Even the educational sector has had to adjust to e-learning, which invariably means that the books being used have changed too.

“Printed books vs eBooks” is an age-old debate with both sides presenting valid points. Here, we argue in favour of eBooks and present you with 5 benefits of using them.

Benefits of eBooks

  • Accessibility– eBooks are very easily accessible once you have an internet enabled device. All you need do is search for the book you want, pay for it and download it to your device. Such an easy and exciting process right. It saves you the stress and time spent moving from one bookshop to another looking for a printed copy.

  • Vast Array of Books– eBooks provide you with a chance to have all of your favorite books, and some, without bothering about space. You can have as many as 10,000 books on one device, that is about double the books that can read in one life time. So many books at your finger tips… Interesting right?

  • Amazing Features– You know how books can get outdated and the latest editions are hard to find? Well, with eBooks you get a chance to update your books to the latest editions without much hassle. eBooks also have a read aloud option so you can multitask or rest your eyes while enjoying a good book. You can also copy and paste excepts, search new words, highlight quotes, share, access links to other resources and a lot more.

  • Great for the Ecosystem– Do you know that lots of trees are cut down every year to make printed books? Do you also know that e-Readers buy more than 500 Million eBooks yearly? eBooks reduce the amount of trees cut down to print books by 8 Million trees per year.

  • Saves cost– We have saved the best for last! eBooks are more affordable! That’s the same book for less, can you imagine?! eBooks have lots of amazing benefits.

We at Accessible Publishers Limited know the importance of books and the need for them to be accessible to all. This is why we are making sure every interest is served by making our books available in printed and eBook formats. We have a book for everyone, so visit our catalog today!



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