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Tips For Students on Preparing and Taking Online Exams

Tips For Students on Preparing and Taking Online Exams

As time moves from hours to days and days to months in the academic calendar, exam season is already around the corner for many students. 

Over the years, examinations have been mostly handwritten but with the upsurge and efficiency of modern technology, most schools tend to shift from handwritten examinations to online examinations, what we popularly call Computer Based Examination (CBT).

As schools adopt online examinations, some students find them new and confusing. They’re unsure about what to expect and lack confidence in the skills needed to excel. Fortunately, the steps for an online exam are similar to those for written paper exams, but there are a few differences that require extra awareness and preparation.

Therefore, this makes it necessary that students should seek the best way to prepare and smash their online exams and succeed academically.

First and foremost, let’s get to know the meaning and nature of online examinations before moving over to the tips.

The Nature of Online Examinations

An online examination, also known as an e-exam or Computer-based test (CBT), is a test conducted over the Internet using digital devices such as computers or tablets. This mode of examination eliminates the need for traditional pen-and-paper methods, allowing participants to take the test remotely. Online examinations can take various forms, including multiple-choice questions, essay-type responses, or interactive tasks, and they are typically administered through specialized online platforms or learning management systems.

It is a fully automated examination system that enables the examiner to present the final results in a much faster and more efficient manner.

When taking an online examination, the candidates are required to answer the questions in a pre-decided timeframe. The test window collapses as soon as the online examination comes to an end. Then, the final results are collated by the teachers for record purposes.

Whilst online exams may seem more stressful, having to rely on technology, proper knowledge and information will set you up for success.

Tips for Students on Preparing and Taking Online Exam

If you are skeptical about writing a successful online examination, don’t fret, take a moment and go through the following tips to help you prepare and ace the exams.

  • Notify family or housemates of your exam and study schedule:

Let everyone in the house know when you will be sitting exams well in advance of the day. This will ensure that they have time to plan alternative arrangements, and will limit interruptions on the day.

  • Proper revision before exams:

It is extremely important that you study the materials given by the examiners during the classroom lectures. This helps you to be adequately prepared for the examination.

If possible, practice online mock exams to get adequately prepared.

Know your venue and time for exam:

Make sure that you know when and where the online exam will be taking place, whether during a previously set and agreed specific date and time. Or a change or either the date or the time prior to the exams.

  • Know the format of the exam paper:

Be informed about the format of the online exam that you are taking, such as what type of questions is the examiner using in the online exam, for example, objective, subjective, yes or no questions, long answer essay questions or a combination of different types of questions.

  • Check your computer:

Ensure you check the working status of your computer or laptop to avoid any sudden last-minute issues.

However, If you experience any technical issues while taking the exams, seek the assistance of any technical agent around. Ensure you relate the complaint to your teacher as well.

  • Read and understand the test guidelines:

While writing an online examination, ensure you read all the guidelines and instructions. Understand them and abide by them.

  • Keep track of time:

In a normal exam, there would be invigilators reminding you of the time. Don’t forget to regularly check the clock and keep track of time so you don’t suddenly run out of time. When you have a hard time attempting a question, quickly move on to the next question. Ensure to attempt all the questions you left behind after answering all the questions.

Check your work before you submit:

Ensure that every answer is complete and appears as you intended. Review the accuracy of your answers, as well as your spelling and grammar. It’s equally very important to clock on submit when you are done with the examination. If you still have a problem submitting the test, let your instructor know immediately.

In conclusion, being well-prepared and informed about online exam tips and strategies like the ones listed above can significantly alleviate the perceived stress associated with online examinations. It will surely help you to excel in your examinations. Good luck!

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