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Productive things students should do during holidays
Family during holiday

Productive things students should do during holidays

Long vacation is always an awaited rest period for parents, students and teachers. It comes with an abrupt shift from the regular school daily routine.

The break after the third term session which mostly falls between the end of July to the beginning of September marks the long vacation. The end of the long vacation ushers successful students to a new class.

During this vacation, students are given the time to rest, refuel and prepare for the next session while teachers are also able to relax and prepare for another academic year.

This period of time should not be wasted playing games, eating and sleeping. Rather, it is a time that can be maximized to achieve a lot of productive things one can be forever proud of.

The importance of rest for students and teachers is paramount, and so also are positive extracurricular activities.

Therefore, every zealous student should maximize their long vacation period by engaging in these productive activities:

1: Revision of previous term performance: Students who don’t want to repeat mistakes they made in a previous term should be able to create time, analyze their performances, and fish out loopholes that need to be filled. This will give them the avenue to strategize for a new session.

2: Read books: Long vacation gives students ample time to read widely to gain knowledge and also broaden their level of intelligence. Students should be able to read academic books in preparation for the next academic session and also inspirational books that can motivate them into becoming great people.

3: Learn a new skill: Training to acquire a new skill is one of the most productive things any student can do on a long vacation. Every Nigerian student who is aware of the high rate of unemployment in the country should make sure to avail himself of any meaningful skill either online or offline. Skills ranging from computer and technical skills to handwork.

4: Pick up a new hobby: Trying out new hobbies during the holiday can be very fun. This can help students explore themselves and possibly discover a new talent or skill. Students can decide to learn how to play instruments, swim, do photography, code, dance, cook and whole lots of other fun activities.

5: Go on a vacation trip: Travelling to interesting and educative places like museums, art galleries, monumental libraries and parks broadens the geographical knowledge of students, helps them to understand the history and to relax their minds. 

6: Holiday Coaching: Most schools organize holiday lessons to adequately prepare students for a new class. Taking part in this lesson gives students a taste of what the new academic year holds for them and thereby equips them with the knowledge that can help for a quality result.

Engaging in one or two of these productive activities will go a long way to add value to students’ mental, physical and academic well-being. It will help students to be fully ready and prepared to excel in the new academic session.

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