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Igho goes to Farm (E-books)(E-Book)



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Igho does not perform too well in his class work and places a distant 15 position in the promotional examination. His mother is angry. She banishes Igho to spend the long holiday with her aging parents who still work on their farms in the village. Meanwhile, Igho’s three siblings will visit Disneyland in America with their parents. It is punishment for Igho’s poor performance in his class work. He spent too much time surfing the internet on his GSM phone and neglected his schoolwork.

Igho is crestfallen. How will he spend the holiday without his siblings? How will he overcome boredom in the village without electricity and other exciting city pastimes? Luckily, Igho gets the company of his cousin Onome, who lives in Warri, and together, they set out on a journey of the best fun of
their young lives. And Igho forgets he ever missed going to America.

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