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Infusing Digital Technology in Classroom Learning

Infusing Digital Technology in Classroom Learning

Infusing digital technology in classroom learning simply refers to using technology to enhance and improve the learning experience. The classroom learning process has often required technology. Although, over the last few years, it has become more relevant in the classroom.

This prepares students for the future workforce as they learn new skills from actively using digital technology. Digital technology in the classroom (DTC) benefits learners and teachers. The system encourages active learning, knowledge construction, inquiry, exploration, remote communication and data sharing. One common fear schools have is the cost of infusing digital technology into the classroom. Note though, that it is not necessary that every student has a tablet or personal computer to achieve it. There are simple technologies that will aid the learning process greatly, putting all the students learning styles into consideration. Here are a few ways to do this

How To Infuse Technology in the Classroom

  • PowerPoint Presentations– Teachers can use PowerPoint presentation to teach their lessons. They have the options of including videos, pictures, tables, and a lot more to enhance their lessons. Using bullets to highlight key points also help the students retain information. Another interesting way to use this is by having students, prepare presentations too, make this an assessment. This has them learning about the topic and how to use technological tools too.
  • Flipped Classroom– Students can learn ahead of and beyond the classroom lesson. So, if the next class is scheduled to study African history, students can be assigned to research different countries using the internet. This way the class is interactive and the lesson is better assimilated. This also allows you proceed through the lessons faster.
  •  Online Grading Systems– There are different platforms that assist with grading like PowerSchool, Moodle and Google Classrooms. It makes analyzing grades, attendance and collation of results much easier and faster. Get the students to do their home works and turn them in online too.
  • Bring Your Own Device– With in-class devices and internet access students can learn how to use the internet safely. It also lets them learn how to study and carry out research using the internet. They work at their own pace and teachers have the opportunity to interact with their students one-on-one. For schools that cannot afford to provide devices for every student, students can bring in their own devices when necessary.

It goes without saying that students stand to gain a lot from having an infusion of digital technology in the classrooms. Schools should invest in training their staff to know how to use digital tools efficiently in the classroom.

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