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Importance of girl-child empowerment

Importance of girl-child empowerment

The United Nations mapped out International Day of the Girl Child to reemphasize on the importance of empowering and amplifying the voices of female children. To open their eyes to many opportunities that await them and also to help combat gender-based challenges faced by young girls.

The theme for this year’s International Day of the Girl Child is “Our time is now- our rights, our future.” This theme demands that urgent action be taken in other to give room for a better future for every girl-child worldwide and also encourage all the girls not to just raise their voices but also to start acting now.

A girl child is simply seen as a female who is below the age of eighteen years.

One of the most important ways to empower a girl child is by prioritising education. Education is paramount in every child’s life. It is a right that should be enjoyed by all no matter their race, gender or religion. It is not a privilege and so every child should be entitled to get at least the basics.

Gone are the days when education is reserved majorly for male children. Now, the world has evolved and a good number of girls are in school compared to 20 years ago.

Educating a girl child implies training the mind of young females, their character and their ability to be able to make informed and unbiased decisions.

These Are Various Ways You Can Empower a Girl-child

1: Contribute to girls’ education.

2: Teach them about strong female role models.

3: Help girls find their passion and pursue their dreams.

4: Teach girls to stand up for themselves.

5: Empower girls with sanitation and hygiene kits.

6: Give children equal opportunity.

7: Fight against gender discrimination.

8: Provide platforms for women’s and girls’ voices to be heard.

9: Give adolescent wives and young mothers alternative education platforms.

10: Empower mothers with economic resources to help raise ideal daughters.

Years back, people believed that women’s education ends in the kitchen. This philosophy has done more harm than good because it has kept girl-children away from getting a quality education.

We should popularize the belief that when you train a woman, you train a nation. When you train a woman, you have trained a future mother who is the first and the basic teacher every child gets to know first.

In conclusion, the importance of educating and empowering young girls to realize their potential should be advocated in other to raise confident and resourceful members of the nation.

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