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<strong>Best Ways Teachers Can Spur Students’ Interest in Mathematics</strong>

Best Ways Teachers Can Spur Students’ Interest in Mathematics

Teaching Mathematics to students is not always an easy experience. This is mainly because of the phobia and anxiety already attached to calculations and numbers. Also, maths requires a lot of multi-step procedures to solve problems, and mastering it requires a tremendous amount of practice compared to other courses. Having to repeat a procedure over and over might rapidly bore students, causing them to lose interest in it.

The students therefore inaccurately conclude that they are not good at Maths or that it is a difficult subject, thus because there is difficulty in understanding a particular mathematics topic or calculation in class, the student is not spurred to try it out after class or even at home. 

A Mathematician and computer scientist Edsger W Dijkstra once said that “There should be no such thing as boring mathematics.” This implies that every devoted teacher with the right strategy can make a huge difference for his students. 

However, if the right strategies are devised by the teachers, the knowledge will stick in the mind of the students and they will actually start to enjoy mathematical calculations.

Mathematics occupies an important place in the curriculum. It is an invaluable and interesting subject applied in everyday life but it demands a lot of attention, motivation, and continuous effort.

Here Are Some Reasons Why Students May Lack Interest In Mathematics

1. Mathematics phobia.

2. Lack of further practice.

3. Usage of monotonous teaching method.

4. the teaching seems dull and uninteresting

5. Limited understanding of the basic concepts, equations and operations 

6. Difficulty following or inability to memorise sequential procedures and directions in math steps.

With these in mind, below are ways to make students genuinely develop an interest in the concepts and the application of Mathematics.

Several Ways Teachers Can Spur Students’ Interest in Mathematics.

1. Adopt Creative Approaches: Firstly, you need to know your students so as to know the better approach that can work for them. Then, you can expose them to different ways of solving a particular question. Also, encourage group work, and don’t forget to make the learning process exciting.

2. Accommodate Mistakes: Many students develop Mathematical phobia majorly from being shouted at or severely punished when they make mistakes.

 Mistakes are part of learning and as a teacher, you need to not just welcome mistakes from your students but also show them clues to solving the questions they failed. 

3. Be More Realistic: When teaching Mathematics try to explain using daily activities they understand easily to enable them to flow with the lesson. Make use of relatable instructional materials for adequate demonstrations.

Memorizing formulas does not promote a better understanding of Mathematics. Rater, having a conceptual understanding helps to make a long-lasting impression on the student.

4. Play Math Games: An average student loves games. Games are an excellent way to make learning Mathematics interesting, fun, and easier. It promotes interactivity, computational fluency, and analytical thinking. Initiate games like puzzles, mazes, sudoku, and checkers to improve students’ problem-solving and decision-making skills.

5. Create Occasional Class Assessments: You can try out this strategy by organizing occasional class tests, group assignments, and take-home assignments. This will help measure your impact, identify the loopholes, and determine the next steps.

Mathematics develops a child’s reasoning, helps to have analytical thinking, and quickens the mind. it helps in measuring, sorting, building, noticing patterns, making comparisons, and describing the environment, as well as counting and knowing the names of shapes overall it helps in problem-solving and growth. As such, adequate concern should be given to make the teaching and learning of Mathematics engaging, fun, and interesting. 

It is therefore worthy to state that qualitative and relevant Mathematics textbooks should be adopted by teachers to help facilitate learning and make it easier for students.

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