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Ways to Develop Creativity in Students

By Wale Akinwale on November 14th, 2020

Creative imagination and critical thinking are among the most important qualities that young people need to flourish, especially in the twenty-first century. Creativity helps with problem-solving, contributes to finding fulfilment in life, and gives us a sense of purpose.

It is important to motivate students in their creative endeavours and help nudge their creative potentials in order to come up with forward-leaning and progressive ideas. Also, it is important that educators pay attention to students creative abilities and help them light the bulb of their creativity.

Tips to Encourage Students Creativity

These are some tips that teachers can use to encourage creative and out-of-the-box thinking in their students:

  • Discuss with students on their creative abilities and the things that fascinate them.
  • Tell students to write or tell you about their creative strength and what they think you can do to help them. This article on learning styles might help.
  • Create an empathetic and warm classroom environment.
  • Assignment should have a creative aspect and direction. It should inspire individual creative thinking.
  • Give feedback to your students concerning their projects and exercises.
  • Utilize creative teaching materials and devices, models, strategies and methods.
  • Encourage collaborative learning methods and processes.
  • Read more on ways to improve creativity in your classroom.

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