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Tips for Engaging Children’s Minds During COVID-19 pandemic

By Samuel Adebara on April 23rd, 2020

Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, everyday life has changed. And children may struggle with significant adjustments to their daily routine which may interfere with their sense of structure and social balance.

As families adjust to this situation, parents are encouraged to preserve offline experiences, which help families connect emotionally, process difficult experiences, and find balance.

Here are some tips to help parents engage Children’s mind during this period:

Make a plan. Talk with children about what your daily structure will be, your mode of work-from-home, how you will handle stress, and when you will relax and connect with each other.

Communicate with teachers about what educational, online and offline, activities your children can do.

Use media for social connection: Social distancing can be isolating. If kids are missing their school friends or other family, try video chats or social media to stay in touch.

Podcasts and audiobooks are great ways to keep children’s minds engaged while parents attend to other things.

Make a plan about how much time children can play video games online with friends. Challenge children to practice “tech self-control” and turn off the TV, tablet, or video game themselves – rather than parents reminding them.

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