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Supporting Teachers’ Mental Health

By Wale Akinwale on September 11th, 2020

Research has shown that the teaching profession is one of the most stressful occupations. With the recent state of things, work-related stress may increase as teachers will suffer the consequences of many factors causing severe stress, such as budget cuts, salary cuts, retrenchment, increased workload, and adapting to the current classroom interaction measures. And given that the mental well-being of teachers can affect the mental state of pupils and their academic progress, it is important to address the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on teachers well-being.

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Here are some points that can guide in alleviating mental health problems in education:

  • slowing down the pace of curriculum; school administrators should look at workload, work patterns, and the work environment.
  • School administrators should provide support for staff in order to create a more friendly and positive culture in school.
  • Teachers should be given more power to control how they do their jobs.
  • Promote a positive working relationship and avoid conflict and confrontations.
  • School administrators should ensure that people understand their roles and that there aren’t conflicts in roles at any level.
  • School organization change should be managed and communicated in a proper way that considers every member of the teaching staff.
  • Teachers should be encouraged to exercise, get enough rest, and make time for fun.

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