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Strategies for Online Learning

By Wale Akinwale on May 15th, 2020

As COVID-19 continues to spread, schools are now switching to online learning.
And it is important to keep in mind key practices for successful online learning.

Here are some of the best ideas from educators to consider for E-learning activities.

  • Ensure the availability of internet access and E-learning tools for both students and teachers.
  • Choose the right tools and stick with them.
  • Manage parents-teachers expectations. It is important to provide expectations to staff and parents. During these times, communication between school administrators, staff, parents and students is important than ever.
  • Practice and prepare – invest some time to prepare before rolling out online learning with the students.
  • Establish daily schedules. Communication should be clear regarding when teachers and students need to be logged on. A full day in front of a screen is a lot for kids and teachers, especially for families who may be sharing one device.
  • E-learning tools must be easy to navigate by pupils as parents might either be at work or working from home and unable to help much. It’s important to design learning that does not require a lot of support from parents who might already be overwhelmed.
  • pay attention to the emotional toll.
    Check on students and teachers, especially those who are less comfortable with digital tools to see if they need any help.

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