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Reward My Teacher

By Samuel Adebara on June 28th, 2021

Teaching is one of the most important professions in the world which implies that teachers are some of the most important people in the world. This importance goes beyond their influence within the classroom to society as a whole since everyone, at some point or the other, has had a teacher.

Every child has a favorite teacher, one whose teaching they understand easily, one whose class is fun, one who looks out for them, one who stands up for them, one who encourages them and reprimands them when need be. These could be different people or just one person depending on the pupil’s outlook.

This week Rasmed Publications launches the “Reward My Teacher” campaign and so we have pulled up a few short quotes from students essays about their favorite teacher to inspire you.

  • “When I think of Ms. Kate, what stands out most clearly was her willingness to be unapologetically herself. Ms. Kate put on no airs, showed no pretense, had no need to be “normal.” She, like me, was different and she wore her differences like a name tag that said, “I’m ME! And, you will like me!” What a powerful example she was.”
  • “I feel that he is a true teacher because he seems to read faces of his students and the doubts they have in their minds.”
  • “Apart from becoming good students he also wants us to become good human beings also.”
  • “Ms. Olivia is accessible anytime for clearing doubts and answering questions. She is very innovative and finds out new ways to explain complex issues with fun.”
  • “He teaches us to study and share things among our classmates and doesn’t give us loads of homework every day.”
  • “My favorite teacher is a well-respected and disciplined man who teaches us in the simplest terms and uses as many relatable examples as possible to communicate the lessons. I have never failed any of his subjects because he is a patient teacher who answers all my questions, even outside classes, so I just have to understand.”

Do you think you deserve a reward?

You can win easily. Just get your pupils or students to write an essay about their best teacher and they might just win their teacher amazing prizes.

To participate in this competition please read the following guidelines.

  1. The topic of the essay competition is “Reward My Teacher”.
  2. Categories for participation are pupils in Primary 3-6, Jss 1-3 and Ss 1-3
  3. Word count per category is 150, 200 and 250 respectively.


  1. Participants must fall within the categories stated.
  2. The essays should be reflective of the participants’ original ideas, interpretation and expressions.
  3. Only one entry per participant.
  4. Essays should be handwritten on A4 sheet of paper.
  5. On each sheet should be written; participants name, school, class, phone number and date.


  1. Submissions can be made from July 1 and closes on July 16, 2021.
  2. Submissions are to be made via Facebook or Instagram posts.
  3. Two pictures are to be included. One with a close and readable image of the article and one of the participants holding up their article.
  4. Rasmed Publications social media handles should be tagged on posts.
  5. Posts should be captioned using #RewardMyTeacher and #RasmedPublications.

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