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Preparing for Post-COVID-19 School Resumption.

By Wale Akinwale on June 13th, 2020

As the country begin to relax the lockdown imposed nationwide, the question of reopening schools is front of mind for many stakeholders. Schools provide not just learning and social support for students but also, childcare, without which many parents cannot return to work. However, as we make plans to reopen schools, we should also consider the ability of school systems to create and consistently follow effective health and safety measures to mitigate the risk of infection.
Schools need to adopt and enforce certain health and sanitation measures.

Here are some factors to consider before and after school resumption:

  • Put in place adequate health and sanitary arrangement, like soaps, portable hand-sanitizing stations at entrances and common areas, and other standard COVID-19 preventive procedures.
  • Create a protocol for movements and contact within the school. You can also consider asking pupils to resume school in batches by giving different resumption time.
  • limit the number of children in the classroom and ensure proper physical distancing. You can utilize your empty spaces and buildings for this.
  • Consider alternating school days for different groups of students.
  • Designated entrances and exit for different student groups.
  • Floor markings to direct foot traffic flows can help students and staff maintain distance.
  • Anyone or personnel coming to visit your school must give you prior notice. You will need to ensure that the attendance of these individuals at your school does not place them, you, staff, pupils or the school building at risk.
  • Training and frequent reinforcement can help staff, parents, students, and entire communities stay updated on important health and sanitation practices.

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