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Personal Hygiene Tips for Kids.

By Samuel Adebara on July 16th, 2020

It is important that teachers encourage and help students to develop the habit and practice of keeping themselves clean as a means of maintaining good health and also protecting the health of others. Personal hygiene will help students stay healthy, ward off illnesses, and build better self-awareness. Protecting the health of their students and helping them to manage their personal hygiene routine is among the most important duties of teachers.

Here are a few strategies that schools can undertake to help promote students hygiene:

  • Provision of soaps and other hygiene enhancement materials.
  • Schools have a responsibility to provide appropriate hand hygiene facilities. Liquid soaps, hand dryer or paper towels, alcohol based hand sanitizer are essential facilities needed to promote the personal hygiene routines of students.
  • Hand hygiene education. Schools should integrate hand hygiene sensitization into the school curriculum and daily School activities.
  • Schools should develop a personal hygiene care and learning plan to reinforce the need of good hygiene practices among students.
  • Teachers should undergo special trainings in the methods of teaching personal care skills.

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