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Maintaining a Positive Parent-Teacher Relationship During School Closure

By Wale Akinwale on June 26th, 2020

Teachers and parents provide a vital support system to help students succeed.
The quality of parent-teacher relationship can significantly influence students’ long term success.
And at this moment in time, it is important for Educators to set positive, caring intentions to meet the shared goal of caring for students wellbeing and one way to do this is to maintain a wholesome parent-teacher relationship during COVID-19.

The following tips can guide teachers in building a positive relationship with parents during this period:

  • Teachers should reach out to parents by creating a line of communication. Sharing information about classroom learning activities is a good way to build a positive relationship with parents.
  • School administrators should create a communication mechanism whereby teachers and parents both work together to co-create the new normal.
  • Teachers should take the pressure off parents by establishing a strong digital presence. Knowing that the teacher is still steering the ship, gives so much confidence to parents and students.
  • Engage in detailed correspondence with parents to share how they can help at home with their Children’s learning.
  • Teachers should establish an active partnership with parents during E-learning.
  • Make your distance learning strategy simple. Avoid too sophisticated learning tools that can overwhelm parents and students.
  • Surprise parents by phoning in to tell them about their Children’s good qualities and accomplishments.
  • Since we are all going through and dealing with unfamiliar times, it is important that Educators show empathy in their communication with parents.

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