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Creative and Cultural Arts for Schools

By Wale Akinwale on April 5th, 2019

Creative and Cultural Arts is one of the most important ways to help children make sense of the world around them. Cultural education is important for children, as it helps them explore, create, and communicate in an individual way.

There is a certain spark in arts and cultural education that opens children’s mind’s eye to a dynamic vista of human existence; they acquire a voice, a unique voice, and their inherent creativity is stirred.  They begin to experience life in a refreshing way, bestowed with a keen sense of value for human activities.

It is important that children are introduced to cultural arts education early in life as this broadens their horizon and gives them a keen sense of awareness of the life of other people and places. They begin to experience the world as a magical place.

With the introduction of Creative and Cultural Arts into Nigerian syllabus, arts is taking its rightful place as an important aspect of the education of the young mind.

Following its tradition of publishing well-thought-out books, Rasmed Publications, has published an enriching textbook for primary and Secondary schools.

Rasmed Basic Creative and Cultural Arts for primary schools is an integration of the genres of arts and the Cultural heritage of the various ethnic groups in Nigeria.
A six-book series to help pupils understand and appreciate the various elements of creative and Cultural Arts around them.

Rasmed’s New approach to Creative and Cultural is a three-book series for students in junior secondary classes.

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