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Bring Your ‘A’ Game to School

By Mofoluwake Omololu on September 20th, 2021

Welcome Back to School! You want to bring your ‘A’ game to school in order to get the best out of each day.

I hope that the holiday was restful and that you are rejuvenated and ready for the new session. Teachers, parents and students alike are all getting back to the school routine and it can sometimes be a stressful transition. Here are a few tips to help you bring your ‘A-game’ throughout the new term.

10 Ways to Bring your ‘A’ Game to School

  1. Start preparing the day before: Taking a few minutes in the evening to prepare for the coming day is a great idea. Set out your outfit and sleep early, absolutely nothing beats an early night and an easy morning.
  2. Aim to get in early: Getting in early can be the difference between a great day and an okay day. The few minutes before rush hour allow you settle into the work space and environment. You can use the time to go over your lesson plan again and set everything in place. The pupils too get to adjust and get in the right mood for school before activities begin.
  3. Make a to-do list: A to-do list sets your work flow and helps you work stress free. The night before or immediately you get in to work is a good time to make your list. Prioritizing the more complex duties allows you get them done while you are still at your optimum.
  4. Do not take on more than you can chew: Not over tasking yourself is important if you are going to bring your A game to work. Try not to say yes to more task if you already have  a lot on your table so that you can avoid burning out. Also, do not overburden the pupils with homework, they too can burnout.
  5. Give credit where credit is due: If someone does something for you or brings up an idea that helps your work please credit them. You do not want to be sidelined so try not to sideline other people, including your pupils. Be an example of what you want.
  6. Communicate effectively: Try to get a clear information all the time and pass on the same. Clarify your duties. Instruct your pupils with clear messages. Avoid ambiguity so that there are no misinformation that can frustrate the workflow.
  7. Do not isolate: Your workplace is a center for socialization and it is not out of place to interact with coworkers and other pupils. It helps you feel comfortable and relaxed in the school environment.
  8. Be flexible: Understand that there can be unforeseen happenings that may be unpleasant, so make room for such while planning. This way you are not frustrated when a plan fails or when something else comes up that disrupts your plans. Also, be able to accommodate other peoples inputs on your plans.
  9. Limit distractions: Put your mobile devices on airplane mode, close tabs your are not actively using and try to focus on what needs to be done per time. Also, stay at your work post and avoid starting up conversations that may take up more time than necessary.
  10. Take breaks: Taking breaks is a tip that is very important. Stand up and stretch or take a walk around the office. Eat a snack, drink water, socialize for a bit or catch a snooze if that is an option. Just make sure to take a break from the rigour of work at intervals, it helps.

Have the best work experience going forward!

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